About us

who we are:
At Aviva Bree Inc. we promise to continue providing our customers exceptional customer service and updates on the newest trends in the marketplace. We have two divisions of our showroom: Aviva Bree Inc and Showroom Vive.
As one of the leading wholesalers in our division, we proudly cater to a Contemporary (Showroom Vive) and Missy Contemporary (Aviva Bree Inc.) clientele. We offer an amazing collection of lines that work for any age group.
style and comfort:
Our lines produce clothing that allows customers to feel comfortable without sacrificing style! Our lines offer a variety of tops, dresses, tunics, sweaters, accessories, and much more! Price points vary from popular to better.
A word from Aviva:
“I always make sure my staff is equipped with the story behind the product. That is what helps selling on all ends of the process. My staff conveying the information to our buyers, influences our retailers and in turn they are excited to convey it to the end consumer. That is our ultimate goal as a showroom, we are about customer service and the repeat customer.”  ~Aviva Landin